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Walter Leipart

Speaking Topics: Organizational development, strategic planning, public relations, employee engagement, leadership and staff development, human capital administration, financial leadership, and project management.

Walter Leipart is a transformational leader focused on developing the behaviors and mindsets that support Environments of Success™.  As a consultant and leader, Walter’s passion is to help others achieve their full potential in learning and life.  When working with individuals and teams, Walter creates environments focused on success by communicating the why, engaging teams in the work, modeling what results look like, establishing how results are achieved, and recognizing the accomplishments of others.

Walter has an extensive background and a variety of experiences which include successfully engaging stakeholders in creating positive changes within organizations.  A current superintendent and previous teacher in public education, he has worked in various capacities to increase access to learning and improve the educational experience for all students.  His service to others is recognized by the school leaders, staff, students, and communities he has worked with throughout his career as a practitioner and administrator.

Walter is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Leadership, Learning, and Service with a focus on behaviors and mindsets of successful individuals and teams.

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