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Educational Audiology - IEP Related Services (SE4D)

CESA 10 provides audiological rehabilitation as well as individualized equipment fitting and management services for students with IEPs. The service also includes provision of support for classroom and special education teachers of HI students. We provide communication with students' clinical audiologist on amplification and individual needs for appropriate auditory access.


The expertise and experience of CESA 10 audiologist staff is well known and valued. Services are also provided to neighboring CESAs unable to hire qualified staff. 54 districts in CESA 10 and CESA 11 use this service and the service may be funded through IDEA grant.

Everyone's talking about CESA 10

"The Educational Audiology services and support we have received from the audiologist staff at CESA 10 has been invaluable. She has gone to extraordinary lengths to make connections with our students and their families, as well as our staff. Her knowledge base is incredible and her ability to communicate technical information in way that our staff and families can understand is exceptional."

Jess Morello, Speech/Language Pathologist for the Thorp School District

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Austin Hiess, Itinerant Services Coordinator