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Business and Other Services

"CESA 10 Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) provides an environment for district administrators to collaborate with one another, engage in innovative dialogue, and receive relevant and timely information from quality trainers and guest speakers. PAC meetings are on my priority list as it is one of the best professional learning opportunities for district leaders and its local! I learn so much from my fellow district leaders and value the opportunity to challenge one another to achieve even greater success."
Wally Leipart, Superintendent at Gilman School District
"We had an engaging and productive strategic planning session with the team from CESA 10. We felt fortunate to have access to experts with both the inside knowledge of our district and the outside perspective we were looking for from a third party facilitator."
Anna Rybicki, Chippewa Valley Montessori Charter School Governance Board
"Your STOP!T presentation captivated our students and went well beyond talking about the app. Your message about cyber safety and personal responsibility was timely and needed. As a veteran educator and administrator, I have watched 100's of assemblies and your message was one of the best I have heard throughout my career. I would recommend you to anyone looking for someone to talk to kids about internet safety. We can't watch our kids every second of the day, so they need to know the dangers online. The STOPit app will save lives because it gives kids a way to help their friends by anonymously alerting adults who can help. Too often it’s kids not parents, schools, or professionals who know that a tragedy may be about to happen. If the STOPit app saves one life it is worth every penny spent."
Wally Leipart, Superintendent, School District of Gilman
"Bullying's not as prevalent in our school as you would think. Mental health is I think more prevalent in our school. Kids are more likely to report [via STOPit] if they know it's anonymous, and they are attached to their phones and so it gives them that opportunity. Not only that but also the parents can use it too."
Dan Vandervelden, High School Principal, Hayward Community School District
"I’m not a social media user, so I was worried about the negative aspects that would come with launching district pages. After ten months of talking through things with SS4EDU, we finally decided to get started. I couldn’t be more pleased with the response. Our community is engaged with what is happening at our schools, our students are being celebrated with thousands of people each week, and the team at #SocialSchool4EDU has provided excellent support. While I thought that adding another initiative within our district would cause more work for myself and our staff, it has done the opposite. Opening this new line of communication has helped the #DurandPanthers pride run even deeper."
Greg Doverspike, District Administrator, School District of Durand
"I had a few reservations prior to launching our District’s Facebook page, but now wish that we would have started much earlier. Andrea and SocialSchool4EDU have been great to work with and is constantly working to make our social media experience better. As such, our community is staying connected with all of the great things happening within our schools."
Joe Leschisin District Administrator, School District of Cameron

Special Ed and Pupil Services

"I cannot say enough about our new Special Education Director!! She brings energy, expertise and passion. She continues to assist our SPED staff to better serve our students. Thank you, CESA 10 Special Education and Pupil Services"
Todd Felhofer, District Administrator, School District of Greenwood.
"I love attending the CESA 10 Speech and Language Pathologist Networking meetings! Often times SLPs are on our own little island within schools. While we work with a variety of staff and students, we are often the only SLP within the district. These networking opportunities allow us to come together as a united group. They provide a time for collaboration with others who "speak our language" while growing professionally."
Jess Morello, Speech/Language Pathologist for the Thorp School District
"The CESA 10 School Psychologist serving our district is knowledgeable and timely in assisting with any technical issues with scoring systems and general questions as they pertain to school psychology."
Bill Tourdot, Superintendent, Osseo-Fairchild School District
"CESA 10 has been extremely timely in getting us test kits as well as returning score reports to us. They were not only scored quickly but also accurately, and the process for getting them done was very simple."
Cheyenne Steiner, Ed.S., Director of Special Education and School Psychologist, Mondovi School District
"Being able to utilize Virtual Clerical Services has allowed me to reclaim valuable time to focus on direct student-related services as well as supports to school staff and parents, especially in the area of school-based mental health. It also streamlines our data which ensures we meet compliance timelines and ensures more accurate data on state reporting."
Sarah James, School Psychologist for the Osseo-Fairchild School District.
"I am new to CESA 10 and have appreciated having access to School Psychology services including: monthly department meetings, frequent professional development opportunities, and remote processing and scoring of protocols."
Katie Everson, Ed.S, NCSP School Psychologist, School District of Neillsville and Greenwood
"With the ever-changing landscape of special education law and the significant increase in high needs cases, it became quite clear that there was a real need by our district to purchase more time for a director of special education from CESA 10. Even though our total enrollment continues to decrease, we have experienced increasing numbers of kids requiring special education services. Having a director that can help coordinate services for these kids, and our staff is vital in helping our district to meet these kids’ social, emotional, and intellectual needs. Our director also helps coordinate counseling services by counseling service providers both inside of school and outside of school to help kids get the mental health services from which our kids and their families can greatly benefit. There is certainly an ever growing need of those services. Our CESA 10 Director of Special Education is a key member of our school team that provides hope and support to our neediest kids."
John Gaier, District Administrator, Neillsville School District
"I have had the pleasure of working with the SBS-Medicaid support service through CESA 10 for the past four years. In my position as Administrative Assistant for Special Education and Pupil Services, at the Altoona School District, I depend on efficiency and accuracy to complete my job tasks daily. CESA 10 staff is both efficient and accurate. I have rarely had to wait long for an answer back to my burning questions. I have received assistance with all Attendant Care Forms and diagnosis codes with all Special Education students within our district. CESA 10 SBS-Medicaid support staff helps us to understand what can and cannot be claimed, codes that are appropriate, and the email monthly which students qualify for eligibility."
Kim Frazier, Special Education Administrative Assistant, Altoona School District
"SEEDs is a wonderful program for managing IEP paperwork, and the CESA 10 SEEDS support services are an incredible resource when trouble-shooting or problem-solving is needed. The staff person is always prompt and courteous with responses to issues that arise. On the rare occasion when she cannot help me, she knows exactly who can. I have been using SEEDs for over 10 years, and she has always been my go-to!"
Shyre Mann, School Psychologist, Bloomer School District
"The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher has provided tremendous support for our district and the students she services. Having CESA 10 support for our HI/DHH students has allowed us as a district to provide for these students' needs beyond what we could have done without CESA support. They are reliable and extremely responsive to our questions and needs."
Angela Axelrod, Special Education Director/ School Psychologist for the Augusta School District.
"These [Educational Interpreter] services have added greatly to my child's ability to participate and truly benefit from all that is happening in his class and school."
Parent of Elementary School Student
"Shelly Elkin [CESA 10 Consultant] is an awesome audiologist. When our district began a project to amplify all of our teachers’ voices in their classrooms, Shelly helped us every step of the way from selecting equipment, to set-up, training, and troubleshooting, she was a ready and willing supporter. I’ve worked with many excellent audiologists, and Shelly stands out. CESA 10 districts are lucky to work with one of the finest"
John Humphries, Superintendent, School District of Thorp.
"The Foster Grandparent Program keeps my perspective on life positive. I have a purpose, I have worth. I benefit every day I go to school both mentally and physically."
Millie Polinske, Foster Grandparent for 25 years, Osseo Elementary
"Grandma Judy makes every day a great day at school with her warm heart, sincere smiles, and kind words. 4K loves Grandma Judy!"
Lisa Lyngen, Teacher, Osseo Elementary
"The Educational Audiology services and support we have received from the audiologist staff at CESA 10 has been invaluable. She has gone to extraordinary lengths to make connections with our students and their families, as well as our staff. Her knowledge base is incredible and her ability to communicate technical information in a way that our staff and families can understand is exceptional."
Jess Morello, Speech/Language Pathologist for the Thorp School District
"Like needing a key to start an engine, the service Amy [CESA 10 Consultant] provides is our key for starting our students early on the data road to success."
Joy Webster, Early Childhood teacher at Lake Holcombe School District
"I love attending the CESA 10 Speech and Language Pathologist Networking meetings! Often times SLPs are on our own little island within schools. While we work with a variety of staff and students, we are often the only SLP within the district. These networking opportunities allow us to come together as a united group. They provide a time for collaboration with others who "speak our language" while growing professionally."
Jess Morello, Speech/Language Pathologist, Thorp School District
"The CESA 10 School Psychologist serving our district is knowledgeable and timely in assisting with any technical issues with scoring systems and general questions as it pertains to school psychology."
Bill Tourdot, Superintendent, Osseo-Fairchild School District.
"In-District Personnel Services are the only way I can access a highly qualified and effective Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) and School Psychologist. CESA 10 has consistently brought people into our District that have been ready, willing and able to step in and become part of our service team."
Wally Leipart, Superintendent at Gilman School District
"Having a [CESA 10] Social Worker here at the CVHS Alternative School MAKES A DIFFERENCE and is GREATLY APPRECIATED...the life skills learned in her sessions on a daily basis are endless and irreplaceable."
Classroom Teacher, Chippewa Valley High School
"The CESA 10 RSN Director does a fantastic job. I know I can call her with any questions I have or if I need support she would be there. As someone relatively new to the director role, I feel more confident knowing that I can use her as a resource."
Source: CESA 10 RSN Survey
"The CESA 10 WSPEI coordinator has always been extremely helpful, friendly and willing to help me find resources to help my families for a variety of issues. She is also great about meeting me and/or families to talk out what supports can help them with their issues. Super helpful anytime."
Tara Belemy, DFL, Altoona School District
"We have contracted with CESA 10 for therapies for 10 of the 11 years I have worked for Taylor County. It is such a pleasure to work with therapists that are committed to the families we service. Our Birth to Three Program is successful due to the great working relationship I have with the CESA 10 therapists and their commitment and dedication to the families of Taylor County."
Laura Holmes - Taylor County B-3 coordinator
"I have been working alongside CESA 10 staff since our B-3 Program began contracting with the agency in the summer of 2011. CESA 10 wholeheartedly supports us in providing quality services for children and their families. Team members demonstrate compassion, dedication, and a true commitment to those they serve. They are respectful and professional in all aspects of their day-to-day work and it is a privilege to partner with this outstanding organization."
Julie Dodd, Buffalo/Pepin Birth-to-3 Coordinator
"CESA 10 is a phenomenal partner in providing high-quality access to our area school districts! We greatly appreciate working directly with our CESA team as they help to promote and connect UW-Eau Claire – Barron County to our local schools so that we can help advance the education of our growing youth. CESA 10 is dedicated to serving area communities, school districts, students and families and we are lucky to be able to partner in our educational endeavors."
Brittany K. Nielsen, Campus Director, UW-Eau Claire-Barron County

Project Search:

"This program is simply life changing!"
Proud parent of a student intern, in tears, at year’s end Project SEARCH graduation ceremony
"Project Search provides young people with disabilities the opportunity to learn valuable skills that prepare them to enter the workforce. Project Search gave my son the confidence that he needed to go out into the world and get a job. It gave him the knowledge and experience to perform tasks necessary for a job. Project Search gave my son hope and a future."
"Hard work really pays off!"
Former Project Search student intern

Parent Comments on CESA 10 Birth-3 Services:

"The B-3 Program was excellent and we're sad to say goodbyes. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did for our family - it truly was a pleasure working with you and the program."
"Thank you all so much for your help! I will highly recommend the B-3 Program to anyone that I know who may need services like these!"
"I could not end these services without telling each and every one of you how much you have helped and impacted our lives. You are all just such incredibly awesome individuals! Such a friendly caring staff! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you all have done! I am sad to say goodbye, but I am truly excited about the future. Thanks again! It's truly been a pleasure to work with you all."
"There was nothing more amazing than when my little girl showed me what was possible with that new computer and Braille machine."
"CESA 10 services have added greatly to my child's ability to participate and truly benefit from all that is happening in his class and school."

Learning Services

"The School Improvement Services Team at CESA 10 has been extremely responsive to the School District of Ladysmith's needs. ELA and Writing are two areas in which our district has identified as an area we would like to improve student achievement. CESA 10 designed a program in which our entire elementary staff will be working to complete that task."
Paul Uhren, Superintendent, Ladysmith
"A recent Greenwood High School graduate has been contracted to enter the ABC of Wisconsin carpentry registered apprenticeship program with Royal Construction. We are excited to see that he completed a Youth Apprenticeship through Greenwood High School and is now going into the Registered Apprenticeship. This great transition from high school youth apprenticeship to the adult apprenticeship--thank you and your CESA for promoting careers in construction and overseeing youth apprenticeships! We really appreciate this opportunity you are offering your students!"
Elizabeth Roddy, Recruitment and Training Director, Associated Builders & Contractors of Wisconsin
"CESA 10 has been open to offering new services to our district that fit our district. When a need arises, the School Improvement Services Team is always there with new, fresh ideas and programs to assist our district to stay the 'Educational Leader in Rural Wisconsin.'" Scott Johnson, District Administrator, New Auburn"
"CESA 10's ESSA team provides checks and balances for our federal funding to help us manage annual changes. Our conversations connect funds directly to our district needs.
Pat Sturzl, District Administrator, Bruce School District
"The E-rate support from CESA 10 has saved me a lot of time in keeping up with changes and requirements to the program. More importantly, listening to and learning about ideas from CESA 10 staff on what options we have and what other districts are doing has greatly assisted us in moving forward with technology improvements. The technology world is changing so fast that it's difficult to keep up with, so having CESA 10 professionals that are dedicated to technology is paramount for us."
Dr. Paul M. Schley, Superintendent, Cornell School District
"Thank you for all you do for all of the district in CESA 10. The IMC/library is such an asset, and it houses things that districts can't otherwise afford. Thanks for your organization, commitment, and positive spirit there!"
John Gaier, District Administrator, Neillsville School District
"WOW! I am super impressed by your initiative and willingness to work with me! Your encouragement and positive attitude mean so much to me. It feels amazing to have a strong, independent woman join me in this endeavor! I appreciate your great mindset!"
Lauren Stepanik, Colby Middle School
"I can’t thank you enough for contacting the MARS station to take part in the Hour of Code week…and giving me this opportunity to speak to all the 7th graders."
Nancy M. Esser, University of Wisconsin - Marshfield Agricultural Research Station
"The ELA/Reading CCSS work that you've led for my staff has been very beneficial and everyone is feeling much more comfortable and confident with the implementation of those standards. You've created a great atmosphere in leading those discussions and have managed to get somewhat diverse opinions focused in on the key standards. Additionally, I appreciated that you were so on top of everything. The meeting that you had with the O-F administrative team was the only direction you needed and you created something very beneficial from that one meeting."
Drew Semingson, Principal
"The support and guidance I have received from the Instructional Services staff have been my lifeline! Whether it's been helping me find an appropriate small group intervention, whole school curriculum work, or navigating new ESSA law, these ladies always have or find the answers to all of my questions."
Annie Danielson, Reading Specialist.

Feedback from ESSA meetings:

"Kris [CESA Consultant] did an excellent job with material that was not easy to understand."
"I appreciated the templates and guidance documents that were provided-- they were very helpful."
"Thank you for sharing updates that may impact our Title 1 program."

Facility and Safety Services

"We were very impressed with CESA 10’s work with our HVAC project in our middle/high school this year. Our CESA 10 project manager was easy to worth with and walked us through the process from beginning to end. The project came in on time and on budget. If we look at further construction management work, we will definitely utilize CESA 10.”
Dave Laehn, Superintendent, Bangor School District
“With all the new and constantly changing regulations and requirements, our district was at a loss of where to start until we connected with CESA 10. They are full service, making time to be there whenever we have a safety question, whether it be checking for asbestos or providing training. We value our partnership with CESA 10, and consider it a very worthwhile investment.”
Dr. Ann Beuchel Haack, District Administrator, Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah School District
"We are a declining enrollment, high property tax, low state-aided district, so these types of initiatives are very important for us to be fiscally responsible to our taxpayers. To me, CESA 10 Energy Management is a no-brainer.”
Mark Johnson, Superintendent, Chetek-Weyerhaeuser Area School District
"The savings we have incurred from the Energy Management program have allowed us to allocate more resources towards educating students and putting it back into the classrooms. While energy management is somewhat of an abstract concept, saving dollars which can be used for student instruction makes the entire process much more concrete.”
Ryan Nelson, District Administrator, Augusta School District
"CESA 10 Facilities Management Department helped the Melrose-Mindoro School District in a two-phase construction project. Our Owners Representative did an outstanding job. From beginning to end, he was always well prepared, knowledgeable, and was always accessible during our project. He provided the services our school district needed in this project--he took charge and really led us through a project that neither I nor someone on our staff had the expertise to perform. And the cost to our school district was very fair and affordable. The services provided were exceptional and I would strongly recommend CESA 10 to help guide you with any environmental concerns you may have. Thank you, CESA 10!"
Del DeBerg, District Administrator, Melrose-Mindoro School District
"During any project, and especially during large referendum projects, it pays to have CESA 10 environmental project consultants on board from the beginning. Planning for and managing asbestos and other environmental hazards is critical to any project budget and schedule, and having an expert ensure all laws and rules are followed is critical to increasing project safety and reducing liability."
Joe Zydowsky, District Administrator, School District of the Menomonie Area
"CESA 10’s Natural Gas Purchasing Program is easy to use and really gives me confidence that I am making the best decisions for my district. I would highly recommend it to any school looking to take the guesswork out of natural gas budgeting."
Cale Jackson, District Administrator, School District of Loyal
"When CESA 10 was our construction manager they used customer-protective RFPs and contracts along with competitive bidding to make sure our projects came in under budget. Now as our owner’s representative, they are holding our general contractor to the same high standards and requiring competitive, transparent bids. We are again seeing bids come in low – even in this competitive environment. CESA 10’s commitment to competitive bidding is unmatched and it works!"
Jon Novak, Business Manager [Former], River Valley School District
"It has been a pleasure working with your project managers on our referendum project. They have been amazingly flexible, understanding, and prompt with everything that they have been asked to do, I am also extremely pleased with their professionalism and attention to detail. It honestly feels like they are working on their own personal project!"
Greg Corning, Superintendent, Mondovi School District
"CESA 10 Facilities Management experts have been valuable partners at every stage of my large capital project. From the facility audit to Board and community communication, to financing, to serving as a trusted agent for project implementation, they have been there every step of the way. I encourage any district looking for a transparent, nonprofit, trusted partner to consider CESA 10."
Bob Houts, District Administrator, School District of Owen-Withee