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Business Office Services

Members of the CESA 10 Operations Department are ready to assist your District with your Business office needs.  These services are District specific and could include assisting with both short-term and long-term business office vacancies due to staff leave or position vacancies, training new personnel, and reviewing existing processes for improved efficiencies.  Our team has experience with both alio and Skyward.

Payroll Service

  • Timesheet entry, new employee set up, run payroll, process tax payments and W2 preparation

  • Quarterly and annual reporting requirement

 Bookkeeping Assistance

  • Assistance in reconciling balance sheet accounts, including cash and payroll liabilities

  • Assistance in preparing for year-end audit

Software Transition

  • Assist District in converting from alio to Skyward Qmlativ

  • Join Skyward Qmlativ migration planning meetings

  • Guidance with alio data clean up and migration “homework”









Connie Wislinsky, Executive Director of Operations