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Environmental Project Consulting

CESA 10's Environmental Project Consulting Service offers extensive review of environmental hazards (asbestos, lead, mold), help with project budgeting and scheduling, and site verification to make sure the issues are resolved safely and correctly, saving both time and money. Unlike many construction companies and performance contractors, CESA 10 is a fully-insured environmental company. We have a staff of certified professionals with licenses in Lead Hazard Inspection, and Asbestos Supervision, Inspection, and Management Planning to help aid in the safe removal and disposal of hazardous materials.



Unlike many construction companies, CESA 10 is a fully-insured environmental company with certified professionals in Lead Hazard Inspection, Asbestos Supervision, Inspections, and Management Planning.

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"We started working with CESA FM in 2012, our district had grown with the addition of a new elementary and high school. The services of the Environmental Health and Safety were the first thing we needed to update and we found that the cost to do business with CESA FM was in our favor."

Bob Parent, Maintenance and Grounds Director, School District of New Richmond

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