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ESSA Agreement Support for Title I, II, III, IV

CESA 10 provides administrative assistance with ESSA workflow including, but not limited to, literacy and language programming and fiscal support to ensure academic growth, federal compliance, and well-rounded education for all students.

CESA 10 also provided both schoolwide and targeted assistance programming.


Federal and state guidelines are in perpetual flux. Our team works with your district to ensure you have current information and the most effective practices in place to provide supports for teachers and students. Our ESSA team works to both support and advocate for you at the state level for ESSA budgeting and application monitoring.

Districts participating in CESA 10 service have personalized support with applying, planning and the monitoring processes. Districts not participating in CESA 10 service access information through the Title I Network.

Everyone's talking about CESA 10

"CESA 10's ESSA team provides checks and balances for our federal funding to help us manage annual changes. Our conversations connect funds directly to our district needs"

Pat Sturzl, District Administrator, Bruce School District

"Kris [CESA Consultant] did an excellent job with material that was not easy to understand…I appreciated the templates and guidance documents that were provided--they were very helpful…Thank you for sharing updates that may impact our Title 1 program."

Feedback from ESSA meetings

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Kristen Gundry, Director of Learning Services

Kris Rangel

Lissa Ziehr