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Superintendent Meetings

CESA 10's Superintendents meet monthly to network, share best strategies, collaborate and learn about regional and state efforts in K-12 education. The superintendents also serve to provide feedback to CESA 10 personnel regarding programs and services needed and to generate additional cooperative efforts.


At the essence of what we do as a cooperative is generating shared commitments and services.  Monthly superintendent meetings incorporate a variety of guest speakers and topics ranging from educational leadership, school law, finance, facilities, supporting student needs, legislative advocacy, and others.  These meetings bring together the superintendents from each of the region's 29 school districts to discuss opportunties and share challenges.

Download Superintendent Meeting schedule.

Everyone's talking about CESA 10

"CESA 10 Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) provides an environment for district administrators to collaborate with one another, engage in innovative dialogue, and receive relevant and timely information from quality trainers and guest speakers. PAC meetings are on my priority list as it is one of the best professional learning opportunities for district leaders and its local! I learn so much from my fellow district leaders and value the opportunity to challenge one another to achieve even greater success."

Wally Leipart, Superintendent at Gilman School District

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Jordan Sinz, Agecny Administrator