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About Us



CESA 10, in collaboration with member districts, is committed to providing visionary leadership and cost-effective services to maximize learning opportunities and school effectiveness.


Where service and leadership unite.

Cooperative Educational Service Agency 10 (CESA 10) is in business to serve educators and students. CESA 10 is committed to providing high-quality services to districts in the areas of leadership, consultation, professional learning, facilities management, and specialized personnel who work directly with students.

CESA 10 services are tailored to meet the needs of member districts. In that regard, the agency provides leadership and assistance to districts as they implement state and federal initiatives and as they work to meet guidelines set forth by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the United States Department of Education. CESA 10 employees are committed to the belief that collaboration is the key to school success in rural Wisconsin.


  • Grow affinity for CESA 10 through outstanding customer and stakeholder experiences
  • Create a culture of excellence and innovation