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Virtual Clerical Services (SE3B(A))

Virtual Clerical Services provide support for IEP software forms, documentation, record keeping and filing. This NEW program saves valuable psychologist time for evaluation, observation and other student-based activities. It also helps to keep districts IEP-compliant, without the need for hiring additional in-district secretarial staff.


CESA 10’s Virtual Assistant is specifically trained in IDEA requirements, documentation procedures and timelines. Our established process has methods for communication and verification to ensure accuracy. This service is a huge time saver for school psychologists, giving them more time to directly serve your students.

Everyone's talking about CESA 10

"Being able to utilize Virtual Clerical Services has allowed me to reclaim valuable time to focus on direct student-related services as well as supports to school staff and parents, especially in the area of school-based mental health. It also streamlines our data which ensures we meet compliance timelines and ensures more accurate data on state reporting."

Sarah James, School Psychologist for the Osseo-Fairchild School District.

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Karla Yakesh, Administrative Assistant