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Program Consultation and Professional Coaching (SE2D)

Access in-district consultation for educators and administrators on current special education issues, and technical assistance and support with challenging or uncommon student needs through CESA 10’s Program Consultation service. Assistance and coaching is provided to special educators on using student data and developing improvement plans. Build your staff capacity with behavior management, assessment and IEP development and implementation with staff training on both an individual and group basis. We can also assist with parent questions and concerns, and lead or moderate contentious IEP team meetings.

CESA 10 provides:
  • Highly trained and experienced consultants who can address multi levels of complexity, incorporating solutions for all stakeholders.
  • The ability to specialize general requirements and best practices to individual districts, educators, students and families.
  • Expertise in coaching, observational study, student behavior and school systems.
  • Experienced in field tested strategies, developed for school settings.
  • Ability to de-escalate tense and challenging situations.


Everyone's talking about CESA 10

"Like needing a key to start an engine, the service our CESA 10 Consultant provides is our key for starting our students early on the road to success using data."

Joy Webster, Early Childhood teacher at Lake Holcombe School District.

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Tonia Anderson Ruskin, Executive Director of Special Education and Pupil Services