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CESA 10 Board of Control

The CESA 10 Board of Control, consisting of 11 members elected at an annual convention of all member districts, is the governing body of CESA 10. The Board of Control shall determine all policies of the agency, receive state aid for the operation of the agency, determine each participating unit’s prorated share of the cost of cooperative programs, authorize all expenditures, establish all salaries, and every third year provide an accountability plan addressing both the efficiency and effectiveness of all agency programs and services to our member districts. The Board of Control meets monthly on the second Thursday of each month.

2019-20 Board of Control

Rick Eloranta, Chairperson

Rick Eloranta


Owen Withee School District

Deanna Heiman, Vice Chairperson

Deanna Heiman

Vice Chairperson

Neillsville School District

Donna Albarado, Treasurer

Donna Albarado


Cadott School District

Lansing Carlson

Lansing Carlson

Stanley-Boyd School District

Kristen Husby

Kristen Husby

Eleva-Strum School District

Ron Keys

Ron Keys

Mondovi School District

Valorie Kulesa

Valorie Kulesa

Gilman School District

Cheryl Ploeckelman

Cheryl Ploeckelman

Colby School District

Mark Shain

Mark Shain

Greenwood School District

Eileen Sikora

Eileen Sikora

Cornell School District

Rozanne Traczek

Rozanne Traczek

Osseo-Fairchild School District


Agendas and Meeting Minutes

2019-20 Meetings

August 1, 2019  Annual Convention   Agenda  Minutes

August 1, 2019  Organizational Meeting  Agenda  Minutes

August 1, 2019  Board of Control Meeting   Agenda  Minutes

September 12, 2019  Agenda  Minutes

October 10, 2019  Agenda  Minutes

November 14, 2019  Agenda  Minutes

December 12, 2019  Agenda  Minutes

January 9, 2020  Agenda  Minutes

February 13, 2020  Agenda  Minutes

March 12, 2020  Agenda  Minutes

April 9, 2020  Agenda  Minutes

May 14, 2020  Agenda  Minutes

June 11, 2020  Agenda  Minutes

2018-19 Meetings

August 2, 2018  Annual Convention   Agenda  Minutes

August 2, 2018  Organizational Meeting  Agenda  Minutes

August 2, 2018  Board of Control Meeting Agenda  Minutes

September 13, 2018  Agenda  Minutes

October 11, 2018  Agenda  Minutes

November 8, 2018  Agenda  Minutes

December 13, 2018  Agenda  Minutes

January 10, 2019  Agenda  Minutes

February 14, 2019  Agenda  Minutes

March 14, 2019  Agenda  Minutes

April 11, 2019 - Due to weather rescheduled  Agenda  Minutes

April 16, 2019 - Agenda  Minutes

May 9, 2019  Agenda  Minutes

June 13, 2019  Agenda  Minutes

Archived Board of Control Minutes