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Special Education

The CESA 10 Special Education and Pupil Services Department assists school districts in providing appropriate educational services to students with IEPs, in accordance with the Federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The Department is dedicated to support participating districts in the development, implementation and evaluation of quality programs and services for students with disabilities. Guidance is provided to all districts for meeting the requirements of state and federal special education laws and regulations and coordinating the budgeting and management of special education funds and grants. The Department also provides and supervises licensed staff, itinerant services and district leadership.


The CESA 10 Department of Special Education and Pupil Services has been rated by area School Superintendents to be both highly responsive to meeting their needs (85.7%) and at a very high level of overall satisfaction with service delivery (85.8%). The services provided by the Department were rated to be “Reliable”, “Useful”, and of very “High Quality.”

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Professional Development events.

school kids

Students had IEP's in CESA 10.

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Highly qualified and licensed staff service CESA 10 districts.

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Specialized services for special education and pupil services.

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501 Students

Were provided specialized IEP services, along with additional students in CESA 11.

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Additional talented staff fully on-boarded and ready to serve all future needs.

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"With the ever-changing landscape of special education law and the significant increase in high needs cases, it became quite clear that there was a real need by our district to purchase more time for special education from CESA 10. Even though our total enrollment continues to decrease, we have experienced increasing numbers of kids requiring special education services. Having assistance in coordinating services for these kids, and for our staff is vital in helping our district to meet these kids’ social, emotional, and intellectual needs. CESA 10 staff also helps coordinate counseling services by counseling service providers both inside of school and outside of school to help kids get the mental health services from which our kids and their families can greatly benefit. There is certainly an ever growing need for all of these services. Our CESA 10 Director of Special Education is a key member of our school team that provides hope and support to our neediest kids."

John Gaier, District Administrator, Neillsville School District - 715-743-8728

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Tonia Anderson Ruskin, Executive Director of Special Education and Pupil Services