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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Instructional Services (SE4A)

In this service, assessment and instructional services are provided by a licensed educator of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Itinerant instruction, educational consultation, and resource information are provided. Instructional support may include pre-teaching, re-teaching, reinforcement of classroom information, or supplanting a class.



This service enables districts to provide mandated special education to low incidence students through a purchased service, at an efficient cost, matched to each individual students' needs. We eliminate the need for individual districts to seek and hire HI specialists, who are limited in number.

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Districts Utilizing the service.

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Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students served by CESA 10.

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Service may be paid for through IDEA funds.

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"The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher has provided tremendous support for our district and the students she services. Having CESA 10 support for our HI/DHH students has allowed us as a district to provide for these students' needs beyond what we could have done without CESA support. They are reliable and extremely responsive to our questions and needs."

Angela Axelrod, Special Education Director/ School Psychologist for the Augusta School District.

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Austin Hiess, Itinerant Services Coordinator