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SEEDS Software Support (SE3C)

CESA 10’s SEEDs Support Team provides technical assistance, training and support for district special educators utilizing the SEEDS software document management system. Utilization provides a platform to enhance your district’s SBS/Medicaid claims and resulting return of revenue.


CESA 10 SEEDS Software personnel obtains all upgrades and has input into the software's evolution. CESA 10 also has cross-trained staff available by easy access to all participating districts' special educators. Services may be paid for using IDEA funds.

Everyone's talking about CESA 10

"SEEDs is a wonderful program for managing IEP paperwork, and the CESA 10 SEEDS support services are an incredible resource when trouble-shooting or problem-solving is needed. The staff is always prompt and courteous with responses to issues that arise. I have been using SEEDs for over 10 years, and CESA 10 has always been my go-to!"

Shyre Mann, School Psychologist, Bloomer School District.

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Sarah James School Psychologist/Coordinator