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School Psychologist Support (SE3B)

CESA 10’s School Psychologist Support provides comprehensive professional development opportunities and supervision for school psychologists. We offer access to a library of current assessment materials and test protocols and support for computerized scoring. Professional networking with individual and group support is also included.


Ongoing current professional development supported with networking specific to the profession provides expert staff and cost savings to districts as materials and test purchases are shared. Psychologists benefit from responsive interaction with supervisors regarding challenging cases and procedural issues. Network sharing also improves professional performance and staff satisfaction. Protect and support your valuable staff by accessing this service today. 

Everyone's talking about CESA 10

"CESA 10 has been extremely timely in getting us test kits as well as returning score reports to us. They were not only scored quickly but also accurately, and the process for getting them done was very simple."

Cheyenne Steiner, Ed.S., Director of Special Education and School Psychologist, Mondovi School District

"I am new to CESA 10 and have appreciated having access to school psychology services including: monthly department meetings, frequent professional development opportunities, and remote processing and scoring of protocols."

Katie Everson, Ed.S, NCSP School Psychologist, School District of Neillsville and Greenwood

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Sarah James, School Psychologist/Coordinator