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Occupational Therapy (SE4E)

Physical Therapy (SE4F)

Occupational Therapy

CESA 10 OT services provide specialized designed intervention methods to assist students with self-care and classroom activities. Education, consultation and support to family members working on student IEP goals is also provided. We facilitate critical communication between medical and community-based providers regarding students with educational and development needs.

Physical Therapy

CESA 10 PT services provide specialized strategies to enhance a student's positioning and mobility in the school environment. Recommendations are provided for equipment to assist students in the classroom and provide mobility in school, seeking to obtain full participation in classroom activities for students with IEPs. Services help to ensure students can fully benefit from special education services required by the IEP.


CESA 10 recruits, hires and retains quality occupational and physical therapists and supports them in an itinerant service provider model. This allows districts to receive excellent services for lower costs, provided in the school setting. For all eligible services, CESA 10 therapists document and submit information for allowable SBS/Medicaid billing and return funds to districts to offset service costs. Services may also be funded with IDEA dollars.

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Districts purchased OT/PT.

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Students received CESA 10 Occupational Therapy.

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Students are receiving CESA 10 Physcial Therapy.

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"We have contracted with CESA 10 for therapies for 10 of the 11 years I have worked for Taylor County. It is such a pleasure to work with therapists that are committed to the families we service. Our Birth to Three Program is successful due to the great working relationship I have with the CESA 10 therapists and their commitment and dedication to the families of Taylor County."

Laura Holmes - Taylor County B-3 coordinator, 715-748-1939

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Austin Hiess, Itinerant Services Coordinator