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Educational Audiology - Basic Services (SE4C)

This service provides audiological evaluation for any student with a suspected hearing loss or difficulty. Educational audiology services include providing and fitting individual student auditory trainers, FM systems and custom made ear molds. Assessment of students' learning environment and staff training is also available.


CESA 10 employs licensed educational audiologists who, on an itinerant basis, visit schools. Such specialized staff is difficult to recruit and retain. CESA 10 audiologists are active proponents for FM systems, assisting educators in enhancing their verbal communications, and saving their voices while maximizing students' access to verbal information and instruction.

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CESA 10 & 11 districts participated in.

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Partially aidable through IDEA grant.

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"Shelly Elkin [CESA 10 Consultant] is an awesome audiologist. When our district began a project to amplify all of our teachers’ voices in their classrooms, Shelly helped us every step of the way from selecting equipment, to set-up, training, and troubleshooting, she was a ready and willing supporter. I’ve worked with many excellent audiologists, and Shelly stands out. CESA 10 districts are lucky to work with one of the finest."

John Humphries, Superintendent, School District of Thorp.

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Austin Hiess, Itinerant Services Coordinator