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E-Rate Support & Technology Planning (ET 6)

WHY CESA 10? - The federal E-Rate program provides funding for schools’ internet access and internal connections. The E-Rate application is a year-round process that requires filing the appropriate forms within required time frames, and often requires work on three fiscal year applications at one time. CESA 10 ensures compliance with program requirements and deadlines to maximize your district's funding.

This service provides:
  • Comprehensive assistance and support for filing your district's federal E-Rate application.
  • Guidance for compliance with all E-Rate requirements and regulations.
  • Support for securing state technology funds.

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School districts and agencies utilize this service

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Average of E-Rate funds committed annually to the 45 CESA 10 partners.

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Rural students benefit from accessing the internet efficiently using CESA 10’s E-Rate support.

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Everyone's talking about CESA 10

"The E-rate support from CESA 10 has saved me a lot of time in keeping up with changes and requirements to the program. More importantly, listening to and learning about ideas from CESA 10 staff on what options we have and what other districts are doing has greatly assisted us in moving forward with technology improvements. The technology world is changing so fast that it's difficult to keep up with, so having CESA 10 professionals that are dedicated to technology is paramount for us."

Dr. Paul M. Schley, Superintendent, Cornell School District

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Sarah Lipke, Director of Educational Technology