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Universal School Improvement (LS 1A)

Strategic School Improvement (LS 1B)


Let CESA 10’s team of experts provide school improvement support and professional development centrally at CESA 10, regionally, and at your district based on identified needs.

Educational consultants use data analysis, content expertise, coaching, assessment, instruction and curriculum planning to help you meet your school improvement goals.


CESA 10 recruits and hires qualified staff to be assigned to your district based on your individual students’ needs. Using CESA 10 staff provides time and cost savings! Consultants work closely with DPI to keep you updated on the most recent state educational developments, requirements, and opportunities. Purchasing this one service provides expertise and resources only available made possible with a diverse team.

Everyone's talking about CESA 10

"CESA 10 has been open to offering new services to our district that fit our district. When a need arises, the School Improvement Services Team is always there with new, fresh ideas and programs to assist our district to stay an educational leader in rural Wisconsin."

Scott Johnson, District Administrator, New Auburn

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Kristen Gundry Director of School Improvement