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Instructional Media Center (ET 5)

This service provides collaborative support for media specialists through in-district consulting and professional development. Curricular resources that meet state standards, support current educational initiatives and respond to the curricular and professional development needs of all teachers, are made available for users.

WHY CESA 10? - The CESA 10 IMC provides access to educational resources that are too costly to purchase or used infrequently. High quality, professional support is available for implementing and integrating the resources. Online resources are available for students and teachers for 24/7 access to engaging access that can be selected for their interests and abilities.

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"Thank you for all you do for all of the district in CESA 10. The library is such an asset, and it houses things that districts can't otherwise afford. Thanks for your organization, commitment, and positive spirit there!"

John Gaier, District Administrator, Neillsville School District

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Sarah Lipke, Director of Educational Technology

Elizabeth Karrer, Educational Technology IMC Consultant