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SBS/Medicaid Support (SE2C)

SBS/Medicaid Support service provides high quality comprehensive management of all facets of capturing SBS/Medicaid dollars for districts. Technical assistance, support and vendor coordination is provided. In-district training is provided for staff, with individual support when needed as well as quarterly submission of financials. Resources, materials and strategies are provided to increase and maintain efficient and accurate documentation of eligible services provided to districts.


The high priority focus and close oversight of this service ensure that your district both claims and receives every allowable dollar. Ongoing communication with both the vendor and governmental agencies improves procedures and ensures expert service. Our quarterly reviews and enhancements provide resources, strategies and training practices. Our staff maintain active efforts to build staff awareness and motivation to participate with the goal of increasing dollars for districts every year.

Everyone's talking about CESA 10

"I have had the pleasure of working with the SBS/Medicaid Support service through CESA 10 for the past four years. In my position as Administrative Assistant for Special Education and Pupil Services, at the Altoona School District, I depend on efficiency and accuracy to complete my job tasks daily. CESA 10 staff is both efficient and accurate. I have rarely had to wait long for an answer back to my burning questions. I have received assistance with all Attendant Care Forms and diagnosis codes with all special education students within our district. CESA 10 SBS/Medicaid support staff helps us to understand what can and cannot be claimed, codes that are appropriate, and they email monthly which students qualify for eligibility."

Kim Frazier, Special Education Administrative Assistant, Altoona School District.


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Karla Yakesh, Administrative Assistant

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