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Special Education Director Leadership (SE1A)

CESA 10 staff is licensed and experienced in recruiting, interviewing, hiring and evaluating special education staff. We provide leadership proficient in law, researched-based educational practices, parent rights, functional assessments, behavior strategies and plans, manifestation and expulsion hearings. Additionally our leaders are adept at fiscal management of special education funds, spending requirements and limitations. We will guide your district in the efficient and effective application of special education funds.



CESA 10 has proven experience across multiple districts with special educators, saving district resources and administrator time. Get access to the best leaders who participate in continuous, current professional development and updates through CESA 10. We will also provide leaders the opportunities for director networking via RSN, and fiscal support for latest trends and requirements for special education funds. Save time and money today by using Special Education Director Leadership.

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Service may be paid with IDEA funds.

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Tonia Anderson Ruskin, Executive Director of Special Education and Pupil Services