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Photo Contests

Safety Committee

Committee Members: Luke Krumenauer (Chair), Rachel Denning, Terri Grzyb, Mike Haynes, Connie Wislinsky - Executive Director of Operations, and Carol Zabel

Vision and Mission Statements

Sustainability Committee

Committee Members: Melissa Rickert (Chair), Jamie Kampf, Joe Kottwitz, Todd Wanous, Jen Peck, Chelsey Walker, Bridget Sneen, Laura Dachel and Dotty Schulz

Mission Statement

Wellness Committee

Committee Members: Tad Beeksma, Jenna Hughes, Leigh McMahon, Ginny Shoemaker, Jessica Mlsna and Bridget Sneen

Mission Statement

Emergency Response Team

Committee Members: Terri Gryzb, Betty Holler, Brad Konkel, Leigh McMahon, Missy Schuh, Karen Vlcek, and Chelsey Walker