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Owner’s Representative Service

CESA 10’s Owner’s Representative Service provides valuable unbiased reviews of contracts, design documents, change orders, bids, and work completion/quality. This service is perfect for customers planning construction, renovation, demolition, or energy-efficiency projects that need a trusted advisor to aid in the decision-making process.

Our Owner’s Representative Service provides peace of mind that a K-12 school construction expert is available any time through the design, installation, and ongoing operation of equipment.



Plus, customers see significant savings by only paying for an Owner’s Representative Services when needed. Here are the top ten reasons to utilize an Owner’s Representative for your next construction project.

If you are a contractor looking to provide cost-effective services to schools, check out our current bid opportunities.

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The Owner’s Representative Service is appropriate for customers with facility and business managers who are experienced in construction projects and have time to run them. If you are confused between a construction manager and an Owner’s Representative, our service definition fact sheet can help you find the right fit for your next project.

Everyone's talking about CESA 10

“Working with other companies on past projects, I felt like I was getting $0.40 on the dollar. With CESA 10, I feel like I’m getting more than my dollars’ worth!”

Andy Grimm, District Administrator, School District of Winter

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Luke Schultz

Business Development Manager