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Strategic Planning

CESA 10 can assist your district’s long- and short-term planning by facilitating a strategic planning process. This service will be tailored to meet the individual needs of your district and will follow a process mutually agreed upon.

The first step, if you choose CESA 10 to facilitate your strategic planning process, is a meeting that includes the CESA 10 administrator and members of your leadership or governance team. Once a process and timeline are established, CESA 10 will facilitate each step and provide templates and tools to ensure your district is prepared to implement a plan.

The assistance of a third party facilitator can be critical to moving forward when funds are tight or board or community members don’t all agree. This is when the experts at CESA 10 including former school superintendents, school board members, special education, teaching and learning experts, as well as an entire facilities and safety department can help you and your community prioritize activities and move forward.


We know your district, and you know us. Let us help you improve the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of your school, your staff, and your culture.

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"We had an engaging and productive strategic planning session with the team from CESA 10. We felt fortunate to have access to experts with both the inside knowledge of our district and the outside perspective we were looking for from a third party facilitator."

Anna Rybicki, Chippewa Valley Montessori Charter School Governance Board

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Charlie Schneider, Interim Agency Administrator