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STOP!T Anonymous Reporting App (STOP!T)

The STOP!T mobile app provides a safe, anonymous, and comfortable way for students to share information with school leaders so that you can provide local help - as quickly as possible.

STOP!T Incident Monitoring System provides 24/7/365 monitoring of all messages to ensure that nothing is missed. With decades of law enforcement experience, bi-lingual operators monitor, receive and categorize messages and contact school officials and police when appropriate.

STOP!T Cybersafe assemblies ensure all students know the safest way to manage their digital lives. Training is available for elementary, middle and high school groups as well as parents. Assemblies can also include mass download events and set expectations for changing school culture.


CESA 10 was the first entity in Wisconsin to negotiate with STOP!T to offer the critical after-hours monitoring service. This service provides a safety resource to the entire community. Due to the infrastructure now built in the state, prices for STOP!T have recently been reduced. Call today to get this amazing resource and you can be up in running within 48 hours. It’s that simple!

STOP!T now has a full Social Emotional Learning (SEL) content library available to administrators within the app. This library allows all admins to search within the app for timely information on the help students need. Student-appropriate SEL content is also available to “push” to students reaching out for help and is accessible in the format students like to learn: YouTube videos, short audio content, etc...You can even push positive messages out to all students!

This isn’t just a tip app—it’s a total safety solution.

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Schools in Wisconsin using STOP!T

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4 Out of 5

Youth give a warning before attempting suicide

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Suicide attempts each day by 9-12 grade students in the US

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Children miss school each day due to fear of being bullied.

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HS students reported being bullied at school in 2017

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HS students reported being cyberbullied in 2017

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"Your STOPit presentation captivated our students and went well beyond talking about the app. Your message about cyber safety and personal responsibility was timely and needed. As a veteran educator and administrator, I have watched 100's of assemblies and your message was one of the best I have heard throughout my career. I would recommend you to anyone looking for someone to talk to kids about internet safety. We can't watch our kids every second of the day, so they need to know the dangers online. The STOPit app will save lives because it gives kids a way to help their friends by anonymously alerting adults who can help. Too often it’s kids--not parents, schools, or professionals who know that a tragedy is about to happen. If the STOPit app saves one life, it is worth every penny spent."

Wally Leipart, Superintendent, School District of Gilman, 715-447-8211

"Bullying's not as prevalent in our school as you would think. Mental health is I think more prevalent in our school. Kids are more likely to report if they know it's anonymous, and they are attached to their phones and so it gives them that opportunity. Not only that but also the parents can use it too."

Dan Vandervelden, High School Principal, Hayward Community School District

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Mike Haynes, Agency Administrator