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Social School for Education (SS4EDU)

CESA 10 provides SS4EDU in partnership with CESA 7 and SS4EDU. SS4EDU is the school social media experts. They maximize the results for your school at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a full or part-time person. Their personal connection to your staff allows them to tell your story in a safe, positive and continuous way. Watch This!

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT - SS4EDU will tell your story to the world. They celebrate your students and staff with thousands each week on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY – ONSITE - SS4EDU will spend a day with your social media and leadership team, implementing the tools, processes, and training to be successful in telling your story.

COACHING - Get SS4EDU expertise in your back pocket with one-on-one monthly coaching calls, performance report cards, and support to take your social media to the next level.

GRAPHIC SUPPORT - Visuals are critical for successful social media! SS4EDU’s graphic artists can customize your logo and create professional social media packages.

FREE WEBINARS - Monthly, SS4EDU offers valuable interactive webinars to help your school create awesome social media. Check out the next topic and date now!

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Social media experts to meet your needs

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Free webinars available

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Of US adults are on social media

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CESA 10 schools loving SS4EDU

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"I’m not a social media user, so I was worried about the negative aspects that would come with launching district pages. After ten months of talking through things with SS4EDU, we finally decided to get started. I couldn’t be more pleased with the response. Our community is engaged with what is happening at our schools, our students are being celebrated with thousands of people each week, and the team at #SocialSchool4EDU has provided excellent support. While I thought that adding another initiative within our district would cause more work for myself and our staff, it has done the opposite. Opening this new line of communication has helped the #DurandPanthers pride run even deeper."

Greg Doverspike District Administrator, School District of Durand

"I had a few reservations prior to launching our District’s Facebook page, but now wish that we would have started much earlier. Andrea and SocialSchool4EDU have been great to work with and is constantly working to make our social media experience better. As such, our community is staying connected with all of the great things happening within our schools."

Joe Leschisin District Administrator, School District of Cameron

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Mike Haynes, Agency Administrator