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Facility Assessments

Facility studies are a primary service of CESA 10’s Facilities Management Department. Hundreds of customers have benefited from our investment grade audits, flexible prioritization matrixes, and long-range planning. A facility audit is often the catalyst to increase the safety, security, and efficiency of your building. 

In addition to full-fledged facility audits, CESA 10 also offers customized audits for shop areas, playgrounds, mock OSHA, food service studies, and controls (HVAC).



The Facilities Management Department is staffed with engineers, Certified Indoor Air Quality Professionals, Certified School Risk Managers, Certified Energy Managers, Certified Asbestos Inspectors, Lead Hazard Investigators, and others who together boast hundreds of years of experience working with and specializing in school facilities.

Everyone's talking about CESA 10

"CESA 10 Facilities Management experts have been valuable partners at every stage of my large capital project. From the facility audit, to Board and community communication, to financing, to serving as a trusted agent for project implementation, they have been there every step of the way. I encourage any district looking for a transparent, nonprofit, trusted partner to consider CESA 10."

Bob Houts, District Administrator, School District of Owen-Withee

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