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Western Region Birth to 6 D/HH/DB Services

The Western Region Birth to 6 Deaf/Hard of Hearing/Deaf-Blind Redesign Pilot: Fall Update

This project began in the fall of 2009 and was funded through a Birth to 3 ARRA grant with additional ARRA funds from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to support training.  The goals of this project were to develop and implement a pilot system of supports and services to address the specific needs of infants and children who are deaf, hard of hearing, or who have combined vision and hearing loss using a Regional Team Approach.  The team was to be composed of a Regional Services Coordinator and individuals who would receive specialized training in supporting young children, families, and providers.  Information gained from the pilot was then to be used to inform and shape the creation of a Birth to 6 service delivery model that could be implemented statewide for children with sensory disabilities.

The pilot will close out all of its activities by September 30, 2011, with Western Regional Service Coordination services ending August 20, 2011.  A final summary report documenting the activities for the pilot will be completed at that time.  This report will be posted on the WESP-DHH (Wisconsin Educational Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Outreach) website at: www.wesp-dhh.wi.gov.  Additional materials that were developed during the grant period will also be posted.

As this grant comes to a close, plans are being developed to sustain the accomplishments of the pilot.  Funding has been secured through the DPI to implement activities focusing on children ages 3 – 6 throughout the state.  Additionally, the state Birth to 3 Leadership Team is exploring options to sustain and expand the concept of regional teams throughout the state.

The connections built and knowledge gained during the past year among the Western Regional Team and its collaborators will endure as the team continues to carry forward the important work of supporting families in the western region who have children with hearing loss.  Marcy Dicker, WESP-DHH Outreach Director, and Sherry Kimball, Birth to 6 Services Coordinator, are developing a transition plan that will explore strategies for keeping the Western Regional Team connected and viable into the future.  Information related to the plan’s progress, as well as updates regarding pilot expansion and sustainability will be posted on the Western Region B-6 Redesign listserv.

Specific questions related to the pilot and its ongoing activities can be directed to:

Marcy Dicker, Outreach Director, WESP-DHH
Office:  262-787-9540 (v/tty), Fax:  262-787-9505


Sherry Kimball, Early Childhood Consultant: DHH, WESP-DHH
608-266-7032 (v/tty)   608-267-3746 (fax)

If you would like to subscribe to the Western Region B-6 Redesign listserv, send a blank email message without a subject to:  join-b-6western@lists.dpi.wi.gov


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