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Foster Grandparent Program

The CESA 10 Foster Grandparent Program (FGP) pairs Foster Grandparents with students to serve as role models, mentors, tutors, and friends. Foster Grandparents are income qualified adults who are at least 55 years old. They work in classrooms during the school day under the direction of teachers on tasks such as reading, practicing math facts, and spelling words.

Due to the efforts of the CESA 10 Foster Grandparent Coordinator, and support by CESA 10 districts, this program has continued despite recent changes in state methods of funding. This program has been honored as a Daily Point of Light recipient for being an exemplary model for inter-generational relationships.

Foster Grandparents:
  • Develop relationships with the students and other adults in the school.
  • Offer comfort and love, setting a child on the path toward a successful future.
  • Work individually with students to meet their needs one-on-one.
  • Share experiences, wisdom and compassion.
  • Earn a small stipend and a transportation reimbursement if income qualified.
  • Serve a minimum of 15 hours/week.
  • Are provided pre-service and in-service training as well as insurance and often a school meal while serving.

The Foster Grandparent Program is sponsored by The Corporation for National and Community Service, Wisconsin Department of Health Services and locally by CESA 10.

Why CESA 10?

CESA has sponsored the FGP since 1987. Our Chippewa Falls program was one of the first 8 pilot programs in the nation when the program began in 1965. We were sponsored by the Northern Center in CF from 1965 until 1987. In 1987 CESA 10 became the sponsor and the FGs moved from working exclusively at the Northern Center to working in the CESA 10 schools.

The Foster Grandparents bring wisdom, patience, and life long experiences to students and classrooms and their presence provides an inter-generational educational experience.

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Foster Grandparents volunteered in 17/18

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Students were served in 19 schools

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Service hours were provided

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Everyone's talking about CESA 10

"The Foster Grandparent Program keeps my perspective on life positive. I have a purpose, I have worth. I benefit every day I go to school both mentally and physically."

Millie Polinske, Foster Grandparent for 25 years, Osseo Elementary

"Grandma Judy makes everyday a great day at school with her warm heart, sincere smiles and kind words. 4K loves Grandma Judy!"

Lisa Lyngen, Teacher, Osseo Elementary

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Mary Byrns, Program Supervisor