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College and Career Readiness

College and Career Readiness provides support, training, coaching, and leadership across several areas including STEM, Career and Technical Education and the application and integration of new and innovative technologies.

Examples of activities and supports available through this service include:


  • CESA family STEM events
  • Project Lead the Way Support
  • Systemic STEM Implementation
  • Project-based and personalized learning opportunities
  • Learning Platform Support
  • Technology Integration Coaching


  • Assistance applying for the CTE Technical Assistance Grant
  • Technology Integration Coaching
  • Starlab


  • Additional implementation strategies beyond grant deliverables
  • Customized Redefining Ready assistance
  • Personalized support


The areas of ACP, CTE, and STEM are changing rapidly. To meet these changes head-on, CESA 10 has hired excellent, experienced staff to create a roadmap for schools into these exciting opportunities.

Additional staff expertise now available for LS2 includes Gwen Skoyen, Director of College & Career Readiness.

STEM, Robotics, Code, MakerSpaces, FabLabs, Multidisciplinary Learning, Integration, PBL, it’s all enough to make STEAM roll out of your ears! STEM learning helps students develop critical skills such as creativity, perseverance, collaboration and problem-solving skills, but figuring out what works and how it fits with your school can be daunting. CESA 10 understands and is ready to help. With your purchase of LS2, you will access our entire team including STEM Consultant Jennifer Peck.

With Jennifer on the team, CESA 10 is also a Carnegie STEM Pathways Provider. The Pathway is a year-long facilitated action-planning process focused on your STEM program. If your school or district is ready to begin a comprehensive STEM transformation, cohorts are forming now, contact CESA 10 for more information.

Everyone's talking about CESA 10

"WOW! I am super impressed by your initiative and willingness to work with me! Your encouragement and positive attitude means so much to me. It feels amazing to have a strong, independent woman join me in this endeavor! I appreciate your great mindset!"

Lauren Stepanik, Colby Middle School

"I can’t thank you enough for contacting the MARS station to take part in the Hour of Code week…and giving me this opportunity to speak to all the 7th graders."

Nancy M. Esser, University of Wisconsin - Marshfield Agricultural Research Station

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Gwen Skoyen, Director of College & Career Readiness