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The Foster Grandparent Program (FGP) is sponsored by CESA 10. It is a federally funded project that offers qualifying seniors a non-taxable stipend for their hours volunteered in the classroom. During the 2014-2015 school year, 50 foster grandparents volunteered in 20 schools, for a total of 34,000 hours.

Our strategy is simple. Essentially, it’s foster grandparents feeling commitment to our youth, consistently appearing day after day at school actively participating in the children’s education, and creating trusting relationships. The foster grandparents’ activities are based on classroom curriculums. A composite of what they do reads like a litany, ranging from basic life skills activities to cultivating positive character traits in teenagers. A foster grandparent can be found sitting on the floor with an early childhood student helping him listen while the teacher reads or perhaps with a group of fifth grade children working on a geography lesson. All of the foster grandparents supplement daily lessons taught by the classroom teachers. They know how the power of someone believing in you, acknowledging and applauding your efforts, can work to change a child’s attitude toward the better. The CESA 10 Foster Grandparent Project is committed to ensuring the best services that we can possibly provide to both the children and foster grandparents within our region.

Mission of the Foster Grandparent Program

  • To provide the foster grandparents with an enriching and rewarding volunteer experience
  • To exceed the expectations of the schools we serve
  • To support and assist classroom teachers in creating a rich learning environment for their students
  • To manage the operations and growth of the foster grandparent project and to maximize quality educational programming for special education children and those children who are falling significantly behind in their schoolwork within the CESA 10 region.

The CESA 10 Foster Grandparent Program was honored as a Daily Point of Light recipient in 2001 for being an exemplary model for inter-generational relationships.

To apply to be a Foster Grandparent or to request a Foster Grandparent for your classroom, please call 715-720-2042.

Mary Jo Hanson, Foster Grandparent Coordinator

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