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Below are a few examples of our weekly energy tips that are sent out to our customers on Monday mornings.  

Open your blinds at night (in warm months):    When  temperatures are getting warmer, leaving your blinds open at the end of the day will allow heat from your warm classroom to transfer to the colder outside air. This will result in cooler temperatures in your room in the morning, reducing air conditioning loads required during the day.

Install Vending Misers on your vending machines: Vending Misers are devices that act like an occupancy sensor for vending machines that slow down the compressor cycles to a minimum when they are not in use. They can be used on soda, juice, and snack machines without harming the product. They are not recommended for use on milk or other vending machines with products that can spoil. Installing a Vending Miser can cut energy consumption in half. There are Focus on Energy incentives for installing these devices:

Do not block your unit ventilator or return vents:  It is important to allow the conditioned air to flow freely from your unit ventilator. You will not receive the appropriate amount of fresh air in your room if you place books, jackets, or plants on top of the vent. You may also have vents in your door or in a panel next to your door to exhaust the 'stale' air in your room. Covering those vents with shelves, garbage cans, or posters can reduce optimal air flow in your room.

Register for a KEEP course near you (only $100 for 1 grad credit): Earn one graduate credit from UW-Stevens Point by participating in an Energy Education course near you. Visit KEEP's Professional Development Website for more information regarding eligibility, co-pay, and scholarship availability for upcoming KEEP courses.        

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