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Certified work-based learning (WBL) programs are opportunities whereby students can achieve academic competence while focusing upon becoming career and college ready. The program is coordinated and supervised by school district staff so that there is a strong connection between classroom learning and the work experience.

Students, employers, and teachers are held accountable to the learning experience by the student’s goal of completing a portfolio of industry competencies (tasks) and basic employability skills. Upon successful completion of the experience, the student is awarded a certificate from a state or regional agency. In some program areas, post-secondary credit may be awarded through a technical college or university. Wisconsin encourages many different types of work-based learning opportunities.

View a brochure of all Wisconsin WBL programs listing specific program criteria at http://cte.dpi.wi.gov/files/cte/pdf/wblbrochure12.pdf 

Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship

Programs are a one- or two-year program that integrates required classroom instruction with a paid work experience. Programs are available in 10 career cluster areas. The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/youthapprenticeship/default.htm administers the Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship program.

Youth Apprenticeship Local Consortiums

Chippewa Valley Youth Apprenticeship Consortium Districts (2013-14)

Augusta, Bloomer, Cadott, Chippewa Falls, Cornell, Eau Claire, Eleva-Strum, Fall Creek, Flambeau, Ladysmith, Lake Holcombe, Menomonie, Mondovi, Osseo-Fairchild, Owen-Withee and Thorp.

Enrollment Process - Chippewa Valley Youth Apprenticeship Consortium
  1. Based on career goals, student enrolls in required courses(s) and applies to participate in the YA program. Check with local high school counselor for details.

  2. Student, in collaboration with the school-based WBL Coordinator, secures appropriate work-site employment.

  3. School-based WBL Coordinator has the Education Training Agreement completed and signed by all required parties.  All parties review the required work-based competencies as provided by the DWD YA Checklist. http://www.dwd.wisconsin.gov/youthapprenticeship/skills_checklists.htm

  4. School-based WBL Coordinator completes the student registration form template and forwards it to the CESA 10 YA Office (Judy Doro). The CESA 10 office registers all students with the Department of Workforce Development.

  5. Student completes academic courses, work-site competencies and participates in periodic reviews with the School-based coordinator and employer to ensure competencies will be experienced.

  6. Student, School-Based Coordinator and Employer complete the final evaluation by completing the YA checklist. 

  7. Completed YA Checklist is copied and sent to the CESA 10 office. The original checklist is presented to the student. A copy of the checklist should be maintained with school records. Upon verification of successful completion, the Department of Workforce Development issues a certificate for the youth apprentice.

Wisconsin Cooperative Education Skills Standards Programs

The WI Cooperative Education Skills Standards Program combines required industry-based competencies taught by a certified teacher over the term of two semesters. Classroom learning combines with a paid WBL program that is supervised by certified staff. These programs are registered through and administered by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. For a current listing of available programs and criteria, go to: http://cte.dpi.wi.gov/cte_cteskills 

Employability Skills Standards Certificate Program

This program is offered by districts that wish to provide any and all students with a work-based learning experience that promotes the basic employability skills. This experience, either a one- or two-semester program, leads to a certificate being issued from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Program registration, student registration and the evaluation process is handled by DPI consultants. Portfolio of competencies is also available through DPI. Program and student registration link: http://cte.dpi.wi.gov/cte_cteskills


For more information, contact:

John Goodman, Learning Services ACP/CTE/Perkins/YA and Distance Learning Consultant, at 715-720-2033

Daniel Taft, Career and Technical Education Consultant


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